Regenerative, slow grown pasture raised meat & eggs, hand crafted charcuterie grown & made by our family in Barham

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Regenerative farming is a conservation and environmental approach to farming, looking after the soil and building biodiversity of the environment and working with nature, not against it. We do not use any chemicals or work the soil and every decision we make considers the environment and soil first, which always benefits the animals and plants that live here. This produces great nutritious food that's good for us and the planet. Our slow grown meat is handcrafted into products that take months up to a year to produce in our butchery. This slow method and by and selling our produce direct to our eaters, we have been able to keep our farm and production scale small and regenerative.

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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a subscription based model that is used widely across the globe for consumers connecting and supporting farming families directly, through regular deliveries. Our model is a monthly model and is accessible to both locals and to people who live in urban areas and can't grow their own food. We send out a diverse range of cuts and meats from our farm and will soon have pastured eggs available too. We've worked out how to get our delicious and healthy food delivered on your doorstep!
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It's so important to us to do our own butchering and production to ensure quality and transparency. We handcraft our own smallgoods and charcuterie and send all our orders from here and via our shopfront for our community. Our butchery is in the Barham township 10km from the farm, and fully powered by solar. We are also co-founders and shareholders in the Barham micro-abattoir, and members of the Murray Plains Meat Cooperative who will own and run the micro-abattoir from sometime in 2024. Between the two facilities we can work with farmers and consumers directly to process all sorts of livestock for our local community, and it's 100% owned by farmers.

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WHOLESALE direct to businesses

We wholesale our products directly, so there's no middle man. This is vital for our businesses because you deal directly with the farmer and butcher, it's transparent and arrives fresh. Our butchery packs whole primals, whole pigs, chickens, grass fed beef, unsliced smallgoods and charcuterie for kitchen service, retail packs of smallgoods, charcuterie and fresh cuts for customers who share our values of agroecology and community. We have specialised dry aging rooms for pork and beef primals. Get in touch with us to get connected with Fresho for pricing and ordering, we'd love to work with you.

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MEAT US AT Farmers markets

You can see us in person at the Castlemaine Farmers' Market in Victoria on the first Sunday of every month and every other Wednesday (stay up to date via our socials).

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Our country is Barapa Barapa country, and we pay our respect and deep gratitude to the elders past present and future and to their people who lived here before us on the land we are now the custodians of.
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