Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a model of food production and distribution that directly connects farmers and eaters – people buy shares in a farm’s projected harvest in advance and for a set period (a season, or a year, for example) and receive regular deliveries.

Being part of CSA is a way for eaters to share with the farmer the costs and risks of farming as well as the bounty.

CSA models vary in their structure and payment terms, but the principle is that farms supply their produce directly to their members through a subscription model – a commitment from the eater is made to accept the produce they are given and to share the risk of the harvest with the farmer.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

We are proudly regenerative farmers, having introduced even better farming practices to our free range farm in 2020. Our farm is already seeing the benefits from more paddock rotations, mixed perennial pasture species and an increase in shade from hundreds of trees we are planting. Our water cycle on the farm is improving and we are seeing lots of native grasses creeping back in from longer rest periods and open soil. Regenerative agriculture means to us a constantly improving and replenishing environment, benefiting the soil microbes and thus fertility, water cycles and biodiversity, our health and our animals health. We are not fighting against nature, we are working under natures guidance, as it always should be. We generate 100% of our electricity from solar and batteries at our farm and butchery, so we don't contribute to fossil fuel harvesting, we hope to also run electric vehicles as part of our business within 2 years. Regenerative agriculture is the biggest tool we have to dramatically reduce carbon emissions, by supporting farms like ours you are directly contributing to a planet for our children to enjoy in the future.

Providing Nutrient Dense Food

Did you know that industrial agriculture is reducing the nutritional value in our foods? Excess use of fertilisers, herbicides and fungicides (which all are having a devastating effect on the globes soil) combined with super performing genetically modified seeds are all factors that are decreasing the nutritional value in what we are eating. Think about this, it means more land is needed to grow more food. Small scale and regenerative agricultural practices are the answer to this problem. Farmers like us use organic and natural soil conditioning applications like vermicast (worm poo), compost teas and compost, mulching, multispecies cover crops, ground cover, diverse grasslands, resting land and animal rotations, no till (ploughing) and most importantly no synthetic fertilisers, herbicides or fungicides. This promotes soil microbial activity, making plants and animals that eat the plants much healthier and nutrient dense. It is so important that this way of farming is strongly supported, especially as we see soils increasingly deplete and more precious land cleared for industrial agriculture.

Bundarra CSA model 

Our CSA is modelled on our belief that life is about balance and we know that accessing good food can sometimes be tricky, as can be always having the exact same cuts available to sell every month. Our pork boxes are tailored to how you eat pork at home and your household size, delivered directly to your door from our farm once a month on the first week of the month, that changes with the seasons and the availability of certain cuts and goods.You choose your share size according to your household size.

The monthly boxes are designed for approx. 1.5 serves of meat, per person, per week. We also offer our smallgoods and charcuterie at a discounted rate of 15% to our CSA members. By signing up to our CSA, you are contributing to a healthy and regenerative farming environment and also the viability of our farm and also to benefit your own health by choosing to eat ethically produced food.

How it works...

  • Free to join, commitment for 12 months of shares based on your household size- you can also try one box before you buy...
  • Choose monthly, quarterly or annual pork box delivery options
  •  1 tree planted with every order
  • Exclusive goods available only to our CSA members
  • Compostable and recyclable plant-based plastic free packaging where possible
  • Supporting nose-to-tail consumption of meat
  • Direct from our farm to your door
  • Invites to farm days and events, such as tree planting, feasts and open days throughout the year
  • Shared salami making days - we allocate pigs for our members and then book in days for groups to make salami during the cooler months at our butchery, then you can return later in the year and pick them up or we can send them out with your monthly order. The cost of this is an extra $300/quarter pig which yields around 20kgs salami. Salami days will be announced closer to the season (June).

Why is it good?

It’s by far the most affordable, efficient and easy way to buy ethically-raised pork, no middlemen—just great restaurant pork from our farm to your home. Our Bundarra CSA is free to join and is directly supporting a regenerative agricultural system, which is helping reduce carbon emissions and climate change.

You are therefore directly supporting our farm and choosing to support #EthicalMeat.

How to sign up

Simply decide how much your household eats and click which share package works for you and we'll take care of the rest.

Join here

Not sure?

You can try it out and change your package size subscription at anytime by simply logging into your account (click login icon on our webpage as shown in screenshot below) or emailing us. You can also transfer your share or sell it to someone else if you find it's not right for you.

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