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Barham Butchery & The Farm


We offer a small and rustic style of accommodation at the farm, in are-purposed train wagon. When you stay, we encourage you to get up early, take a walk across the farm or the bush, feed the pigs with us and enjoy your own breakfast, with provisions provided from our farm and other local producers in Barham.  

Currently closed for upgrades over the rest of 2023 - sorry! Come back again in 2024.


Our butchery is where we cut and pack all our orders for restaurants and small stores, and handcraft all of our charcuterie and smallgoods. It is also where we butcher and pack other local producers meat for them. We always stock a range of pork cuts, charcuterie and smallgoods for sale. We don't have a big team so please call us for special orders to pick up, especially grass fed beef and lamb. We also store frozen pork cuts, free range chickens, turkeys and meals that are easier to travel with.

Bundarra & Co Butchery 
118 Punt Rd, Barham NSW 2732

03 5453 1496 or 0458 532 333


We are the proud current custodians on the traditional lands of the Barapa Barapa country we live on, we pay respects to Elders both past, present and future. The land has a million stories we will never know, but we can see evidence and feel the presence of a rich history of people living here, ovens, scar trees and sacred birthing trees and now dry watering holes tell us the landscape has changed dramatically since European settlement. Our role is to leave the land for future generations to prosper on, as it as done for thousands of years. We have a goal to increase biodiversity, soil health and conserve native flora and fauna species whilst we farm animals and grow food. Farming regeneratively is the best way we can help leave our land healthy for the future.

Book in a small group visit before coming to find us, we'd love to show you around and we'd hate to miss you!

Bundarra Berkshires Farm
929 East Barham Rd, Barham NSW 2732

By Appointment only please call;
0458 532 333 or 0407 532 392

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