Terms, Return Policies and FAQs

We grow 100% of our own pigs here on the farm just outside Barham. Our family has two farms of around 200 acres in total of pure breed heritage Berkshire pigs. Our family are breeding pigs and raising them in a pure free range environment to the highest animal welfare standards and high quality meat producing practices, including low stress animal handling, open paddocks, pasture, cover, shelter and of course mud. Their diet consists of a vegetarian mix of grains and legumes in addition to pastures, free from antibiotics, hormones and meat meals.

We chose not to include the widely used preservative in our products* because we believe that raising a young family means providing the most natural real foods. Ham and bacon usually contains nitrates and preservatives, food and colour additives and flavourings and we weren't comfortable feeding that to our kids so we tried making them without it and it was good! The taste is slightly different but still delicious and being a natural product means less free-radicals that cause cancer and immune system problems.

*Please note that our Mortadella and "Really Good Ham" products have the minimum amount of nitrate possible based on Australian Food Standards.

We cannot send pork in the mail. Please see courier schedules for more details below in the Home Delivery dispatch policy section. Please email us if you are unable to purchase based on your shipping address and we will endeavour to find a courier solution. 

Due to new Australia Post rules, we can no longer send any products in the mail. 

All of our air dried charcuterie and jars, nitrate free bacon and ham is nitrate and gluten free. We do not use preservatives or artificial anything, other than good old salt, smoke and time. We avoid using anything other than meat, spices and salt to handcraft our products, using traditional old school methods. Only our Traditional Leg Hams contain minimum sodium nitrate to prevent bones spoiling the meat which can happen with nitrate free, bone in hams.

Our farm is farmed using Demeter Bio-dynamic methods, we are not certified due to the cereal content of the pigs diet and we do not crop ourselves. This natural way of farming follows moon cycles and uses soil preparations including 500. These practices combined improves the health of the soil, which then grows healthy plants and thus healthy animals. We only use un-certified organic grains and legumes to feed the pigs their supplementary feed and beautiful mineral and vitamin rich avos, oranges and pumpkins from local growers when they are in season. Most importantly we do not use meat proteins, meaning our pigs are vegetarians. We think this is the best way of farming and growing very tasty animals for meat.

Yes of course! We have an open farm policy, and coordinate several farm tours a year. Visitors must wear clean shoes and not visit another pig farm on the same day because of bio-security reasons. We welcome visitors to the farm and are well equipped for small to large farm tours and farm sales. Please follow us on Instagram or Facebook to keep in the loop on dates of upcoming farm tours.

Yes, our favourite way of getting our meat out there is at the farmers' market at Castlemaine, on the first Sunday of each month. We sometimes attend the Wednesday market at Castlemaine and suggest you follow us on Instagram or Facebook to keep in the loop of any extra farmers' market attendances. 

When kept at the advised temperatures of 2-4ºC (fresh pork) our goods have minimum 3 weeks best before dates and up to 6 months on charcuterie, 12 months on pasteurised goods. The goods are vac sealed, we cannot ensure that UNSEALED fresh pork products will last for longer than 5 days if not stored correctly at home. For example: a fresh pork order requested to be wrapped in paper instead of vac sealed will not last at home in your fridge unless you have a purpose built dry-ageing cabinet or it is consumed within 5 days. Even then we will not guarantee your products quality and will not issue a refund if this occurs.

Bundarra is liable for faulty products and will happily accept returned goods and refund monies only if the product is agreed to have been faulty prior to delivery and we are notified within 7 days of product being received, not thereafter.

Bundarra is not responsible for poor handling after dispatch with another carrier or poor storage once the delivery is in your hands, however we will pursue concerns from customers if they arise through transport and seek their reimbursement.

We will refund any products that are received out of order- for example in the event that our goods are received by a customer out of date or have been damaged in transit.

We will not refund goods if a customer has changed their mind about the product or do not like the product after they have purchased it, especially if the product has been opened, partly consumed or returned to us.

We will not accept goods sent back to us and will not refund such goods as per above statement.

Our CSA orders are delivered to households via a refrigerated courier the whole way from our farm to your door. We require a minimum order of $100.00.

We send out an order is fulfilled email notification once the order leaves the farm, so please include your phone number on your order and organise someone to be home or close by for delivery. We can guarantee your goods to be in ship-shape order if your box is left at your place of delivery, unattended and out of the fridge for up to 45 minutes in the shade.

Please see the below delivery schedule for the different regions. Our CSA orders are cut and packed on Monday and Tuesday and leave the farm on Tuesday/Wednesday. In the event of an order going missing in transit, goods being destroyed or damaged we will endeavour to find and replace your order if necessary.

Our ordering system is postcode based, and will populate shipping costs automatically based on where our carriers can get to. If your postcode doesn't populate a shipping cost, please email us to see if we can reach your place within our networks.

Delivery schedules for CSA home delivery via refrigerated courier (note that we have flat rate shipping in all capital cities we service). 


  • Melbourne metro area, VIC -  Thursday delivery via TRINC couriers with a flat rate $22.00 shipping fee within 50kms of CBD.  
  • Regional VIC - Thursday or Friday delivery via TRINC couriers with a flat rate $30.00 shipping fee. 


  • Canberra, ACT - following week Friday delivery via Cool Couriers with a flat rate $45.00 shipping fee.   


  • Sydney metro area, NSW - Friday or following week Monday delivery via Cool Couriers with a flat rate of $20.00 shipping fee within metro region. 
  • Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter regions, NSW: following week delivery: Tuesday week (Newcastle & Hunter) or following Thursday week (Central Coast) via Cool Couriers with a flat rate $45.00 shipping fee. 
  • Wollongong region, NSW -  following week delivery: Friday or following Monday week via Cool Couriers with a flat rate $45.00 shipping fee. 
  • South Coast, NSW - following week delivery: Tuesday or Thursday week (i.e. order 29th March for delivery 11th or 13th April) via Cool Couriers with a flat rate $45.00 shipping fee. 
  • Blue Mountains region, NSW - following week delivery: Thursday week (I.e. order 29th March for delivery 13th April) via Cool Couriers with a flat rate $45.00 shipping fee 
  • Hawksbury region, NSW  -  following week delivery: Tuesday week (I.e. order 29th March for delivery 11th April) via Cool Couriers with a flat rate $45.00 shipping fee. 
  • Bowral Goulburn region, NSW - following week delivery: Friday week (I.e. order 29th March for delivery 7th April) via Cool Couriers with a flat rate $45.00 shipping fee. 
  •  Northern Rivers, NSW - following week delivery: Friday or following week Wednesday via Cool Couriers with a flat rate $50.00 shipping fee. 


  • Due to the very high freight costs, unfortunately we are unable to service QLD customers. We encourage you to reach out to Forage Farms for regenerative meats.

For CSA orders over $250.00, you will receive FREE SHIPPING within capital city metro areas.

Bundarra Farming for Good is the trading entity for Barham Free Range Pig Co. Pty Ltd. Goods are dispatched from 118 Punt Rd, Barham NSW, AUSTRALIA 2732

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