CSA – Large (Pork & Chicken)

$240.00 / month for 12 months

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Rillettes 170ml jar

Capocollo - Whole piece 800g-1kg

Capocollo 100g sliced pack

The Little French Ham - Whole piece 600-800g

The Little French Ham 100g sliced pack

Mortadella - 200g sliced pack

Dry Cured Smoked Bacon 2kg (whole piece unsliced)

Guanciale - Whole piece

Nitrate Free Smoked Bacon - 1kg Kitchen Service Sliced 'Bundarra'

1kg bulk sliced packet of our delicious nitrate free bacon.

Pancetta - Whole piece approx 1kg

Pancetta - Sliced 100g pack

Nitrate Free Little Smoked Ham 200g sliced pack

Nitrate Free Smoked Bacon 200g sliced pack

Smoked Ham Hock

Prosciutto - Sliced 100g pack

Fricandeaux 170ml jar

Smoked Chorizo 300g

'Really Good Ham' - Smoked Ham 200g Sliced Pack

Bundarra 12 Good Eggs - dozen


8kg of fresh pork cuts (including sausages and bacon) which vary from month to month
1 Whole Sommerlad Chicken (weight varies).

This CSA is suited to larger households.

Add charcuterie or smallgoods to your CSA subscription, and get a 15% discount on these products!

Delivery notes:

  • We have a one-month payment in advance policy for this CSA subscription.
  • Due to logistics, this subscription is only available to customers in VIC and most areas of NSW & ACT.

Quality assurance: to ensure best quality of the chicken product, CSA customers should either freeze chicken upon delivery, or use the day of delivery.

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