Pig for Charcuterie



This is a large pig for charcuterie purposes. We send you:

  • whole loin, boned out and skin off with substantial fat coverage, perfect for curing lonza or lomo
  • leg, aitch bone and in trotter off (so it fits in the carton! Let us know if you would like aitch bone out for prosciutto or jamon curing)
  • whole scotch or neck fillet for capocollo
  • cheek for curing guanciale
  • bone out belly for curing pancetta
  • shoulder trim for salami or sausage
  • bones for ragu or stock
  • head bones if wanted – please let us know.

Half pigs will get one of all the above, whole pigs will receive two.

Fits into approximately 3 boxes. Generally our larger pigs for charcuterie weight in around 75-80kgs


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